Designed by Nature. Engineered by Evozyne.

The Evozyne platform combines the exquisite complexity of Nature with machine learning to create proteins with extraordinary impact.

Step 1: Learn from Nature

We begin our process by applying proprietary statistical methods on the entire evolutionary history of a given protein to discover Nature’s design rules for its structure and function.

Step 2: Design Optimized Proteins

Using statistical and machine learning algorithms, we compress the vast library of sequence data to a simpler, searchable design space to create novel optimized proteins with desired functional properties.

Step 3: Build prototypes

We make optimized proteins, at a scale of thousands per iteration, using custom gene synthesis and expression technologies.

Step 4: Test for performance

Using novel technologies, we make custom assays to experimentally test large libraries of designed proteins against target specifications.

Step 5: Iterate and redesign

Experimental data from each design-build-test cycle are used to retrain computational models within a virtuous feedback loop, advancing designed proteins towards the desired target goals.

Step 6: Deliver optimized solutions

Our workflow ultimately yields libraries of novel protein sequences with optimal performance specifications.

Drive extraordinary impact

Our solutions are incorporated into real-world applications across industries to deliver meaningful value.