About Us

Built to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Evozyne believes in the natural ability of evolution to solve today’s most demanding problems. Our mission is to make novel proteins that can solve longstanding challenges in therapeutics and sustainability. We combine the principles of evolution and deep learning technology to make advanced-functioning novel proteins today that would otherwise take nature millions of years to create. By elevating a protein’s performance to unprecedented levels, Evozyne enables commercial-scale solutions that pave the way for new products and new markets while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world. We are located in Chicago and recently completed a 30,000 square foot office and lab space at our headquarters in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Matthew Tirrell

Ph.D. Evozyne SAB Chair

Dean of the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) and the Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago.

Alanna Schepartz


T.Z. and Irmgard Chu Distinguished Chair in Chemistry at University of California, Berkeley.

Donald Hilvert


Professor at the Organic Chemistry Laboratory of ETH Zurich.

Polly Fordyce


Assistant Professor of Genetic and Bioengineering and fellow of the ChEM-H Institute at Stanford.

John Kuriyan


Chancellor's Professor at the University of California, Berkeley in the departments of Molecular and Cell Biology and Chemistry.

Stephen L. Mayo


Professor at the California Institute of Technology, William K. Bowes Jr. Leadership Chair in the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, and the Bren Professor of Biology and Chemistry.

Our Investors

Evozyne was founded by Paragon Biosciences, a top innovator whose mission is to solve complex human and societal challenges by accelerating development of novel therapies and life science breakthroughs. Evozyne is well‑funded by additional top‑tier investors.