Research Scientist II


Job Summary

Reporting to the Scientific Program Director, you will drive assay development, protein expression optimization, and high-throughput protein characterization for the discovery of novel protein therapeutics.

Your primary responsibility is to design and optimize assays for testing the biophysical and biochemical properties of natural and synthetic proteins. You have the expertise and experience in biomolecular structural dynamics to play a significant role on complex and challenging research projects. You’ll also be accountable for conducting experiments and analyzing and presenting data to help advance potential assets toward IND. You will collaborate with team members, data scientists, and senior leadership to meet project goals.

Location: This is an onsite role working in our Chicago office 5 days per week.

What You’ll Do

  • Design assays for testing biophysical and biochemical properties of natural and synthetic proteins, including expression level, solubility, stability, binding/enzymatic activity and inhibition of binding/enzymatic activity.
  • Lead the execution of low-throughput characterization of proteins and high-throughput plate-based/multiplexed screening assays.
  • Optimize protein expression, solubility, purification, and storage as needed for conducting downstream assays.
  • Conduct both high-throughput activity-based screening of large libraries of natural and synthetic protein sequences and low-throughput protein-characterization assays.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders at all levels of the organization to advance project goals.

Who You Are

You thrive in an early-stage start-up environment where you can leverage your agility and expertise to deliver high-quality results. You are naturally curious and excel when working collaboratively to solve tough problems. You are a strategic thinker and enjoy being hands-on in the lab. You have a drive for ongoing learning and development. You find satisfaction and motivation from your work, and you take the time to pursue your passions outside of the office.

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated expertise in biochemistry and biophysics with an emphasis on biomolecular structure and folding and function.
  • Proven experience in protein expression and purification using multiple types of cell lines (bacteria, mammalian, insect, yeast, etc.) and FPLC-based purification platforms such as AKTA or NGC 10.
  • Deep knowledge and direct working expertise in protein stability measuring techniques, binding equilibrium and kinetic measurements, and enzyme kinetics and inhibition assays.
  • Comfortable working with LabChip and automated liquid handling systems such as Tecan or Echo.
  • Familiarity with spectroscopic techniques like fluorescence, plasmonics, raman/resonance raman, EPR, NMR, and FTIR.
  • Proficiency with data-analysis software such as Prism, Origin, and Matlab, and structure-viewing software like PyMOL, Cn3D, Swisspdb viewer, etc.
  • Familiarity with interactive computing platforms like Python, R, and Jupyter.

Education + Experience:

  • PhD in biochemistry, biophysics, chemical biology or a related area with 4+ years of related experience; may include postdoctoral experience.

Preferred Skills

  • Biotech and/or pharmaceutical experience strongly preferred.
  • Participation in IND-enabling studies for potential therapeutics.
  • Hands-on experience with at least one of the following biomolecular structure determination techniques like x-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-electron microscopy, or SAXS.
  • Experience with mass spectrometry techniques such as MALDI, ESI, MS-MS, LC-MS, etc.
  • Exposure to in silico structure prediction and structural dynamics modeling techniques like Rosetta, AlphaFold, VMD, MODELLER, and Foldit.

Please include a list of your most relevant scientific publications on your resume.

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