Mike Gamson

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Gamson has an impressive record of unlocking meaningful growth for tech companies. As CEO of Relativity, a Chicago-based software company, he significantly grew and expanded the company, accelerated industry adoption of new products, and developed the company’s social impact programs. Prior to Relativity, Mike spent 11 years at LinkedIn, where he increased revenue from tens of millions to multiple billions of dollars and played a crucial role in establishing LinkedIn’s values-driven culture. After a stint in banking, Mike started his career in technology at Advent Software, where he worked his way up through the sales and product marketing organization. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College.

Mike has been an active member of Evozyne’s Business Advisory Board since 2021. He serves on the board of directors for three non-profit organizations: One Goal, P33 and Green Schoolyards America. He is a TechStars mentor and committed advocate of Chicago and Midwest-based companies.