Automation Engineer

Full time

Job Summary

The primary focus of this position will be designing, commissioning, maintaining, and upgrading integrated and standalone automated systems to enable high throughput lab workflows. You will also be expected to automate and scale up assay and expression protocols, develop systems to manage automation consumables and assay data, and lead a small team to execute the above responsibilities. We are looking for a highly motivated scientist or engineer who can work independently and lead our efforts in this area.


  • Lead company efforts to automate high throughput gene synthesis, protein expression, and functional assays by upgrading and maintaining existing integrated systems and designing and commissioning new ones. This includes both hardware and software responsibilities, including method development.
  • Ensure that common automation equipment is accurately maintained and in good working order. This includes stand-alone liquid handlers, plate readers, plate washers/dispensers, protein quantification instruments, colony/plaque picker, sequencing instruments etc., as well as several fully integrated robotic systems.
  • Deploy/Install new automation capabilities in high throughput experimentation (liquid handlers such as TECAN/Hamilton/Lynx) to increase efficiency of lab-based tasks and reliability of the system;
  • Modify existing systems, instruments, methods and software to meet evolving needs.
  • Partner with Product Teams to translate scientific needs and challenges into robust laboratory automation solutions.
  • Assist with scaling up and automating expression and assay protocols used in our protein engineering projects.
  • Assist in analyzing prospective projects from a technological perspective and help to draft proposals for partners/clients.
  • Maintain documentation and training on automated systems for lab technicians and scientists.
  • Be a productive collaborator in our company.
  • Actively track meaningful metrics, including: quality controls, turnaround time, instrument utilization, and cost.


  • Expertise with high through-put technologies, automation platforms, and data management.
  • Familiarity with modern programming languages, such as Python/R, Java, etc.
  • Basic knowledge in script writing for high throughput automation systems such as TECAN/Hamilton/HighRes(Cellario).
  • Experience in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and scripting for liquid handlers, dispensers, plate washers, plate readers, Octet, etc. required.
  • Experience with scheduling, operation, training and troubleshooting of fully integrated robotic systems.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills including the ability to work with other automation engineers, as well as non-automation scientists.
  • Excellent organizational skills, as exemplified by an interest in clear record-keeping, and data analysis, and ability to prioritize work across multiple projects.
  • Prior experience in solving complex problems and ability to work independently with strong self-motivation and can-do attitude.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work and solve problems in interdisciplinary teams
  • Self-motivated and curious with a strong desire for continuous learning

Required Education, Experience, and Certifications

  • Education: A BS in a related field (biochemistry, bioengineering, biophysics, chemical engineering, etc) or an MS or MEng degree in the field is required.
  • Experience: The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of experience (academic or industry) with the design and operation of laboratory automation systems.

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