Senior Research Associate, Host Systems


Job Summary

The primary focus of this position will be developing methods for protein expression in yeast host system. You will serve as a scientific advisor on optimal expression hosts, plasmids, and protocols, conduct internal R&D to optimize and innovate expression methods, and manage a central collection of reference stocks.


  • Maintenance and organization of host and vector stocks.
  • Performing molecular biology techniques to construct protein variant libraries
  • Optimizing library screening conditions to identify molecule candidates of interest
  • Develop standardized and project dedicated methods and protocols.
  • Collect and analyze yeast library selection and screening data
  • Design, implement and evaluate new yeast library selection strategies
  • Develop and optimize workflows for high-throughput cell culture, protein expression and help translate protocols into automated systems.
  • Be a productive cross-functional collaborator in our company.
  • Assist in analyzing prospective projects from a technological perspective and help to draft proposals for partners/clients.
  • Train new users / project dedicated scientists.


  • Expertise with prokaryotic and eukaryotic genetic engineering and protein expression
  • Extended experience in yeast and bacterial host systems.
  • Experience developing high-throughput methods for protein expression
  • General biochemistry and molecular biology experience
  • High-throughput protein/enzyme assay development desired
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to work and solve problems in interdisciplinary teams
  • Self-motivated and curious with a strong desire for continuous learning

Required Education, Experience, and Certifications

  • Education: A MS or Meng degree in a related field (biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering) or BA degree with 7+ years of relevant experience is required.
  • Experience: The ideal candidate will have 5 years of experience with protein expression in diverse hosts, with a focus on yeast.

Working Condition and Physical Requirements (if applicable):

  • The candidate must be able to work in an ADA-compliant laboratory without assistance, including carrying out cell culture experiments in BSL-2 environments with appropriate PPE.

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