Evozyne Announces a Strategic Collaboration for Development of Novel Biopharmaceutical Therapeutics

Feb 1, 2021

Partnership leverages molecular engineering technology platform to develop innovative biopharmaceuticals for immune modulation

Chicago, IL, February 1, 2021 – Evozyne, LLC, a privately held molecular engineering technology company founded by life science innovator Paragon Biosciences, announced today the signing of a strategic collaboration with a leading company in rare disorders for the development and commercialization of novel biopharmaceuticals for immune modulation. Under the terms of the agreement, Evozyne is eligible to receive an upfront payment and additional research, development and regulatory milestone payments and royalties on sales of any commercial products resulting from the collaboration. This new agreement builds upon a growing Evozyne portfolio of partnerships centered on the development of novel proteins in advanced applications.

“This agreement is an excellent opportunity for meaningful scientific innovation and exemplifies the high-quality partnerships we seek to achieve these advancements,” said Rama Ranganathan, M.D., Ph.D., co-founder and chief scientific officer of Evozyne. “At Evozyne, we strive to become the primary enabler of synthetic biology by creating exceptionally advanced proteins. This project to advance the functionality of protein therapeutics that target rare diseases not only aligns and advances our vision and mission but also has the potential to have a profound impact on people living with debilitating disease.”

Evozyne is using advanced computational methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in its evolution-based, data-driven engineering process to create synthetic proteins with new precision and efficiency for multiple applications and industries. In this partnership, Evozyne will use its technology platform to research new approaches using advanced synthetic proteins and to develop novel therapeutic options for individuals with certain rare diseases.

Under the terms of the agreement, Evozyne is responsible for protein design and related activities, with the partner responsible for all development and commercialization activities.

About Evozyne

Evozyne is a data-driven, evolution-based molecular engineering company based in Chicago, with a mission to become the primary enabler of synthetic biology across all aspects of human life. Evozyne’s platform combines deep learning-based computational models and high-throughput gene synthesis and assay technologies to build novel, adaptive proteins with exceptionally advanced functionality. Evozyne strives to solve challenges in feeding the world, curing diseases, cleaning our environment, and making tomorrow’s materials. For more information, visit

About Paragon Biosciences

Paragon is a life science innovator that creates, invests in and builds life science companies in biopharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy and synthetic biology utilizing artificial intelligence. The company’s current portfolio includes Castle Creek Biosciences, CiRC Biosciences, Emalex Biosciences, Evozyne, Harmony Biosciences, Qlarity Imaging, Skyline Biosciences, and a consistent flow of incubating companies created and supported by the replicable Paragon Innovation Capital™ model. Paragon stands at the intersection of human need, life science, and company creation. For more information, please visit

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