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Clean our environment

A majority of countries have pledged to become carbon neutral in the next 15 to 30 years. Meeting these goals will require environment-friendly bio-based solutions.

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Evozyne can...

  • Clean up yesterday’s technologies

    • Clean up oil spills, sludge, and waste using optimized microbial enzymes
    • Convert captured CO₂ to methanol, formate, and glucose
    • Recover high-value trace elements from electronics and waste water
    • Transform plastic recycling through enzymatic cascades
    • Clean up wastewater using cocktails of ligninolytic enzymes
  • Unlock clean energy sources of the future

    • Engineer water-splitting reactions to drive a hydrogen-based economy
    • Develop enzymatic fuel cells powered by organic waste
    • Design novel enzymes for catalyzing reactions in new types of batteries
    • Produce biodiesel from various feedstocks with minimal processing

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