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Cure diseases

Nearly half of the world's disease burden - from prevention to diagnostics to treatment - could be addressed by synthetic biology in the next 20 years.

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Evozyne can...

  • Enable discovery and development of efficacious therapeutics

    • Optimize protein-based therapeutic candidates for improved pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
    • Unlock the potential of gene and cell-based therapy through novel gene editing enzymes
    • Develop diverse synthetic molecules for addressing “undruggable” targets
  • Produce sustainable and scalable medicinal chemistry

    • Improve reaction efficiencies of biosynthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Optimize a candidate drug’s bioactivity and bioavailability using engineered enzymes such as halogenases
    • Design novel bioorthogonal conjugation protocols as drug delivery vehicles
  • Promote novel disease detection methods for early clinical intervention

    • Create new rapid diagnostics using enzymatic biosensors
    • Enable PCR-free infectious and genetic disease detection
    • Design enzyme cocktails capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously
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