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Feed the world

Agriculture is facing tremendous challenges from rising global populations, decreasing arable land, increasing environmental pressures from climate change and more.

Have a protein design problem that can feed the world?

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Evozyne can…

  • Equip plants with diverse and novel proteins for optimal growth

    • Engineer proteins in the photosynthetic process to improve crop yields
    • Create functional diversity in insecticidal proteins to counter the evolutionary resistance of insects
    • Make gene editing of plants faster, better, and cheaper by optimizing editing enzymes
    • Protect crops from abiotic stresses
    • Improve plant nutrition and reduce nitrogen runoff by engineering nitrogen fixation pathways
  • Improve animal nutrition while reducing its impact on the environment

    • Design species-specific, optimized animal feed proteins for increased health and yield
    • Make next-generation animal feed enzymes optimized for nutrition, processing, and environmental impact
    • Provide solutions for reducing greenhouse gases from various livestock applications
  • Create a healthier food supply for humans

    • Develop enzymes that can make difficult-to-synthesize molecules like human milk oligossacharides (HMOs) to improve nutrition
    • Make edible oil production more environment friendly through reducing waste and improving process efficiency
    • Develop processes to produce healthy fatty acids without relying on volatile and dwindling fish oil supplies