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Make tomorrow’s materials

More than half the physical material in this world will be bio-based in the next two decades. This transformation is primarily enabled by novel protein solutions for many industrial processes and applications.

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Evozyne can...

  • Elevate quality and production efficiency of bio-based and biodegradable materials

    • Design enzymes capable of complex carbon chemistry for bioproduction of pervasive materials like nylon
    • Enable production of high performing biopolymers capable of competing with oil-based plastics on cost, functionality, and quality
  • Enable transformation of low-value feedstocks to high-value materials

    • Biochemically convert food waste to platform chemicals such as 3-HP, FDCA, acrylic acid
    • Transform feedstocks such as waste cooking oil to biodiesel using optimized enzymes
  • Create better-for-environment, bio-based alternatives to pervasive products

    • Produce self-reparing building materials such as biocements
    • Develop novel detergents and stain removers using novel enzyme cocktails