At Evozyne, we work with our partners to ensure we are delivering unique and differentiated value. Our platform can...

Engineer differentiated molecules

Our platform is ideally suited for creating molecules that surpass the limit of performance that has been achieved thus far. We can make proteins that work in non-natural environments, obtain orders of magnitude improvement in functional performance, and generate sequence diversity never seen before.

Fuel new product innovation

Our models identify adaptive regions in proteins to unlock optimization of multiple parameters or creation of new functions (e.g., switching to non-natural substrates, expression in proprietary host systems). This helps transcend the capabilities of naturally occuring molecules and enables new products previously not possible.

Accelerate research and development programs

We rationally and rapidly search the protein design space to yield thousands of molecules with superior functionality resulting in fewer engineering iterations. We can execute design cycles on the order of weeks or full protein optimization projects in just a few months.

Increase probability of success

Our process yields a library of solutions that meet the target design goals. Any or all of these designs can be tested in real-world products and processes and can be further optimized for application-specific idiosyncracies. This enables achieving the desired goals not just in the lab but at commercial scale and thus increases the project's overall probabiity of success.

Create new intellectual property

Our protein designs have exceptional perfomance with vast sequence diversity. We have demonstrated the ability to fully replicate an enzyme function with >85% sequence diversity from its natural homolog. Sequence diversity and novel funcitonality are two leading critera for new intellectual property

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